Hire a Cobot Welding System

Streamline Your Welding Processes with CLOOSBOT, the Ultimate Cobot Welding System available to Hire

The CLOOSBOT, the ultimate cobot welding system.

CLOOSBOT Cobot Welder –  Your easy entry into the world of automated welding. Weld small batch sizes economically and with consistently high quality.

A ‘Ready to Weld’ Complete Package

The CLOOSBOT comes as a comprehensive “Ready to weld” package, encompassing all the necessary components for automated welding. These components are perfectly matched and easy to mount, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing production processes. With the ready-to-use cobot system, you can save time and start welding without any hassle.

Exact, Intuitive and Safe

Programming and moving the CLOOSBOT is a breeze, thanks to the torque sensors in each axis that allow for precise movements. The intuitive operation of the system significantly boosts work efficiency. You can make individual adjustments on the user-friendly touch control panel, with macros specially developed for welding. Additionally, our Freedrive option with foot switch and intelligent safety concept, ensures safe and sensitive control of the CLOOSBOT. You’ll also appreciate the simple restart after an emergency stop, as it doesn’t require extensive unlocking or free movement of the robot.

Excellent Welding Quality

The cobot welding system delivers reproducible welding results of the highest quality, ensuring maximum efficiency in your welding processes. The combination of our high-tech MIG/MAG welding power source and precision-engineered cobot welder is a match made in welding heaven. Not only does it relieve employees from monotonous and repetitive tasks, but it also guarantees consistent and excellent welding results.

Great ROI Opportunities

Investing in the Cobot Welding System offers high economic efficiency, with a short amortisation time. By streamlining your welding processes and enhancing productivity, you can achieve a great return on investment. The CLOOSBOT is designed to optimise your welding operations and contribute to your overall business success.

Simple Operation

You don’t need any previous knowledge of robot programming to operate the cobot welding system. Developed to be user-friendly, you can quickly get started with the system and achieve impressive welding results without the need for extensive training or expertise.

Compact Cobot Design

The cobot welder features a compact design, making it easy to adapt to your production environment. It saves valuable space while providing the flexibility you need for seamless integration into your existing setup.

The ultimate standard in cobot welding control and performance.

The high-tech MIG/MAG welding power source, and the precision engineered cobot welder, compliment each other perfectly. In addition to the relief of the employees – especially with monotonous, repetitive tasks – you benefit from excellent welding results due to the reproducible quality.

Torque sensors in all axes for high precision cobot welder

Highest Precision Cobot Welder

Torque sensors in all axes

User friendly touch control panel

Intuitive Programming

User-friendly touch control panel with macros specially developed for welding

Foot switch for cobot welding system freedrive mode

Sensitive and Safe Control

Foot switch for freedrive mode

Precise safety cutoff with finger forced stop safety

Finger-Forced Stop

Very precise power cut-off when touching the cobot

Simple restart after emergency stop of cobot welding system

Simple Restart after Emergency Stop

No unlocking or releasing the cobot necessary

Close up of weld for conformity testing

CE Conformity

Automatic wire retraction for maximum work safety

Precise and Robust Cobot Welder

The 6-axis cobot welder offers a range of 1,300mm and a payload capacity of up to 10kg. Equipped with sensitive torque sensors in each axis, it ensures optimal weight determination of the welding equipment. This precision allows for accurate positioning when programming welding points and precise power cut-off on contact. With its robust design, the cobot welder is built to withstand the demands of industrial welding operations.

An image of the Cloosbot cobot welder arm and welding gun
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