Hire a Robotic Welding Cell

Boost Production and Save Floor Space with Robotic Welding Cells. Available on our Pay-by-the-Hour Hire Scheme

A CC6 Robotic Welding Cell setup

Simplify your welding processes and achieve outstanding results with a robotic welding cell.

Reliable Performance and Maximum Efficiency from a Trusted Technology Leader

Powered by CLOOS welding technology, the robotic welding cells feature synchronised robots and positioners, delivering excellent welding results for various small part applications. These high-performance plug-and-weld cells are designed to boost production, save floor space, and optimise efficiency.

Micro robotic welding cell

Micro Robotic Welding Cell

If you’re looking to automate the welding of small workpieces with excellent quality and economic conditions, our Micro Cells are the optimal choice. These turnkey “Ready to weld” Micro Cells are space-saving and easily integrated into your production. From the welding robot to the controller and power source to the safety technology, you’ll benefit from a customized unit with perfectly matched components.

4.1 Compact Robotic Welding Cell

Compact Cell 4.1

The 4.1 compact cell is a ready-to-weld system featuring a 2-station workpiece positioner with vertical change and rotation. This cell offers rapid station rotation and provides exceptional welding results, reducing secondary processing times, and enhancing overall process efficiency. Operator safety is ensured with light barriers and safety fences.

5.1 Compact Cell

Compant Cell 5.1

The 5.1 compact cell is a ready-to-weld system with a 2-station workpiece positioner featuring horizontal change. It offers a short distance between the loading area and the clamping plate, enabling easy loading and unloading of components. With synchronised robot and positioner axes, this cell delivers excellent welding results and accelerates the entire process.

6.1 Compact Cell

Compact Cell 6.1

The 6.1 compact cell is a ready-to-weld system equipped with a 2-station workpiece positioner featuring horizontal change and turning/swiveling movement. It offers comprehensive protection with lateral safety fences and light barriers during the welding cycle. The synchronised robot and positioner axes ensure exceptional welding results and enhanced process efficiency.

Self-Contained, Delivered Ready to Weld

The robotic welding cells are two-station setups, enabling loading while welding. They are equipped with light barriers and safety fences to ensure the utmost protection. You can expect hassle-free delivery straight to your facility and workshops. With their modular design, these cells are easy to transport and integrate into your production area, saving valuable space.

A fork lift truck lifting a Robotic Welding Cell

Robotic Welding Cell Options and Features

A compact welding cell ready to be setup

Compact Design

Facilitates transportation and maximizes production area efficiency.

A compact robotic welding cell delivered at a customers facility

Delivered Ready to Weld

Enjoy easy assembly and maintenance with our pre-installed cells.

A demonstration of a robot welding cell process

Flexible Applications

Our modular design allows for individual extensions and retrofits to meet your specific needs.

Compact robotic welding cell installed inside a customers facility


Experience intuitive controls and comfortable operating panels for easy and precise handling.

A robot welding a workpiece

Reliable Performance

Count on a technology leader, providing maximum performance and quality from a single source.

Unlock Welding Freedom: Pay-by-the-Hour Hire

Access cutting-edge robotic welding cells with ease through our convenient and flexible pay-by-the-hour hire option. Gain control, optimise your budget, and revolutionise your welding operations.

Enjoy unmatched flexibility by tailoring the rental duration to your project’s exact needs. Scale up or down effortlessly, ensuring you only pay for the hours required. It’s welding on your terms, without compromise.

Experience cost-effectiveness like never before. Say goodbye to hefty upfront investments. Renting robotic welding cells on an hourly basis allows you to allocate resources efficiently and redirect funds to critical areas of your business. Take control of costs and maximise your return on investment.

Benefit from hassle-free maintenance and support. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive technical assistance and regular maintenance throughout the rental period. Minimise downtime, optimise productivity, and focus on what matters most.

Seize the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. Leverage state-of-the-art technology, access advanced features, and tap into the expertise of our robotic engineers. Elevate your welds, boost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

Discover the convenience, flexibility, and expert support of pay-by-the-hour hire for robotic welding cells. Contact us today to unlock welding freedom and take your business to new heights.