Hire Welding Floor Turntables

Empower Your Welding Processes: Maximise Efficiency with Welding Floor Turntable Hire

hire welding floor turntable

Looking for low-profile, large-diameter welding floor turntables for your industrial needs?

Look no further than our comprehensive range of welding turntables available for hire. Designed to provide high-precision rotational positioning of the workpiece, our turntables are suitable for various industries and workpiece sizes.

Our welding floor turntables provide a low-cost, high-precision way to rotate a pipe, a vessel, or an industrial workpiece around a vertical axis. Additionally, we have a wide variety of accessories and options that can be added upon request.

Hire floor turntables from 5 tonne to 100 tonnes.

Hire Equipment from 5 Tonne to 100 Tonnes

Our hire equipment is meticulously maintained and tested to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. With adjustable functions and reliable performance, our welding floor turntables provide precise positioning and stability, enabling efficient and high-quality welding operations.

With our comprehensive range of hire floor turntables, you can rely on us to provide the ideal equipment for your specific need. We understand the importance of equipment compatibility and have options to suit a variety of sizes and weights. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, we have the expertise and hire solutions to ensure your welding operations are seamless and successful.

A extra heavy duty 30 tonne welding floor turntable

Our Core Welding Floor Turntable Hire Range

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In addition to our core Key Plant equipment range, we maintain extensive stocks of floor turntables from various other manufacturers. Contact us today

A 3 tonne cladding TT with slip rings for pre-heating

With a core hire stock that includes sizes ranging from 5 tonne to 100 tonne, we can cater to projects of various scales. Whether you need a compact floor turntable or a larger one to handle more substantial workpieces, we have you covered.


  • TT5 – 5 Tonne Weight Capacity
  • TT10 – 10 Tonne Weight Capacity
  • TT20 – 20 Tonne Weight Capacity
  • TT30 – 30 Tonne Weight Capacity
  • TT50 – 50 Tonne Weight Capacity
  • TT100 – 100 Tonne Weight Capacity

Comprehensive Stocks of Welding Floor Turntables to Hire

With welding turntables from NN Plant Hire, you can achieve exceptional weld quality, increased consistency, and reduced rework, whether you’re welding by hand or using automated processes. Our turntables are proven to deliver precise rotational movement, ensuring optimal positioning of the workpiece throughout the welding process.

But the benefits don’t stop at welding alone. Our turntables are versatile and can be utilised for a range of other applications, including grinding, flame cutting, painting, assembly, and x-ray processes. They offer a multifunctional solution to meet your diverse project requirements.

At NN Plant Hire, we provide a wide selection of standard and cladding models, ensuring we have the perfect turntable to suit your specific needs. Our turntables can feature minimum backlash and can be equipped with slip ring assemblies for pre-heating applications.

Whether you require a 5-tonne or a 100-tonne capacity turntable, we have the equipment to support your operations. Our turntables are well-maintained, reliable, and ready to be deployed for your welding and fabrication projects.

Partner with NN Plant Hire and gain access to top-quality welding floor turntables that are engineered to deliver exceptional performance.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our hire solutions can enhance your welding operations.